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Table 2 Key Parameters in LiST and Sources of Baseline Information

From: Methods used in the Lives Saved Tool (LiST)

Parameter Source
Health Status Indicators  
Neonatal, infant and under five mortality rate United Nations Estimates
Distribution of neonatal and post-neonatal deaths by cause CHERG
Whether or not the population of interest is Vitamin A deficient and/or zinc deficient CHERG
Percent of women exposed to falciparum Guerra et al.[8]
Percent of newborns with IUGR DHS, MICS, UNICEF, WHO
Percent of children severely wasted by age DHS, MICS, WHO (
Percent of children stunted by age DHS, MICS, WHO (
Incidence of diarrhoea by age Boschi et al. [9]
Percent of pregnancies ending with spontaneous abortion WHO
Percentage of the population living below the poverty line Human Development Report, UNDP
Intervention Effectiveness  
Effectiveness of each intervention against each cause of death CHERG
Affected fraction (fraction of deaths from a specific cause potentially addressed by each intervention) CHERG
Effectiveness of nutrition-related interventions against IUGR, stunting, wasting and diarrhoea incidence CHERG
Effectiveness of breastfeeding promotion on breastfeeding practices CHERG
Current coverage of each intervention DHS, MICS, UNICEF, WHO, JMP