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Table 2 Efficacy results of candidate vaccines for active immunization against respiratory syncytial virus

From: An evaluation of the emerging interventions against Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)-associated acute lower respiratory infections in children

Class Vaccine structure Clinical trial phase Results
Live attenuated[74] rA2cp248/404ΔNS2
rA2cp530/1009 Δ NS2
I - Not infectious in adults
- Well tolerated, no symptomatic illness
- Infected 50% and 20% sero-negative infants respectively at a dose of 105 pfu
Live attenuated[24] rA2cpts248/404/1030/ Δ SH I - only candidate with a demonstrated safety profile
- 44% vaccinated infants had detectable antibodies after 2 doses of 5.3log10 pfu
b/hPIV3/RSVF2[44] Recombinant attenuated para-influenza virus type-3 expressing RSV-F protein I - tested in 120 1-9 year old sero-positive children.
- acceptable safety profile
- minimally immunogenic
Subunit[32, 75, 76] Purified F Protein - PFP 1 and PFP 2 Discontinued after phase I/ II - Pilot study shows significant antibody titres in children with CF
- Safe and immunogenic in 12-48 month old sero-positive children
Subunit[75, 76] PFP 3 Discontinued after phase II - Double blinded controlled multi-centre study in CF children
- Safe and immunogenic but no reduction in LRTI
Subunit[75, 76] BBG2Na Animal models - Safe and immunogenic in adult mice.
- Phase III trials in adult volunteers stopped due to unexpected adverse effects24