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Table 2 A comparison of two studies for the costs of oxygen systems.

From: An evaluation of oxygen systems for treatment of childhood pneumonia

Item Enarson (2008) Duke (2008)
Concentrators $850 $2520
Installation materials $1160 $830
Training and implementation $1230 $970
Other (review visits and electro-medical repair) $430 $2000
TOTAL (per unit) $3670 $6320
Items relating to oximetry:   
Pulse oximeters and Oximetry sensor probes Not available $2280
TOTAL (per unit and including pulse oximetry) Not available $8600
  1. Note: the cost of pulse oximeters and oximetry sensor probes was not estimated in the study of Enarson et al. (2008). The oxygen system is not complete without pulse oximetry
  2. *All costs are averages for each unit rounded to the nearest 10.