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Table 1 An availability of oxygen systems in different regions

From: An evaluation of oxygen systems for treatment of childhood pneumonia

Author Date Location Health setting Specific Availability Number of facilities Percent with oxygen Supply outstrips demand
Kambarami 2000 Zimbabwe Primary Health Care setting Obstetric care 13 23% n
Nolan 2001 Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Philippines, Tanzania, Uganda Teaching and district hospitals Paediatric care 21 77-87% y
Simoes 2003 Uganda, Tanzania, Niger Primary care facilities Paediatric care 62 5% y
English 2004 Kenya Outpatient clinic Paediatric care 14 14% y
Wandi 2006 Papua New Guinea Hospitals Paediatric care 5 - 22% of children not treated
Duke 2006 Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russian Federation Hospitals Paediatric care 17 72-95% y
Hill 2009 The Gambia Health facilities All areas 12 25% y