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Table 1 Quality grading of outcomes according to the CHERG approach using adapted GRADE criteria

From: Effect of screening and management of diabetes during pregnancy on stillbirths

No of studies (ref) Design Limitations Consistency Generalizability to population of interest Generalizability to intervention of interest Intervention Control Relative Risk (95% CI)
Intensified versus conventional management (Stillbirths): MODERATE outcome specific quality
4 3 RCTs,1 quasi RCT Small study size in 1 study, 1 study not strictly randomized and 80% of the subjects were Hispanic so may not be generalizable. 2/4 studies showing direction of benefit, while the remaining two had zero total events All in developed countries Cannot separate diet controlled from diet and insulin controlled diabetes during pregnancy 1 8 RR (fixed) = 0.20 (0.03-1.10)