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Table 5 Summary of community-based studies for case management with oral antibiotics for and effect on cause specific neonatal mortality due to pneumonia

From: Effect of case management on neonatal mortality due to sepsis and pneumonia

Ref and year Country Setting Study design Therapy given Other interventions in package Coverage of antibiotic case management (% of those who need it) Intervention group (N/D) Control group (N/D) Effect size RR (95 % CI)
          RR of Sepsis specific NMR RR of Pneumonia specific NMR
Pandey 1991[16] Nepal Rural Non randomized -concurrent control Cotrimoxazole 4 mg/kg BD for 5 days. Chloramphenicol if no improvement Maternal education, and 15% measles immunization coverage of children <40-70% (estimates as per study PIs) 81/681 16/681 0.85
Mtango 1986[15] Tanzania Rural Non randomized -concurrent control Cotrimoxazole PO Health education to mothers about symptoms & signs of ARI and referring severe cases to the next higher level of care. <40-70% (estimates as per study PIs) 37/1638 7/1638 0.70
Khan 1990[14] Pakistan Rural Non randomized -concurrent control CotrimoxazolePO Qualified nurses monitored and supervised CHW activities and with assistance of the CHWs, conducted frequent, informal, interactive health education programs <40-70% (estimates as per study PIs) 26/2690 9/686 0.74
(0.35 - 1.57)
Did not report pneumonia specific mortality
Bang 1990[10] India Rural Non randomized -concurrent control Cotrimoxazole 2.5 ml twice daily for 7 days Mass health education about childhood pneumonia 76% (for children <5) 104/1533 31/1533 0.70