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Table 3 GRADE assessment of studies of effect of case management on cause specific neonatal mortality due to pneumonia

From: Effect of case management on neonatal mortality due to sepsis and pneumonia

  Quality Assessment Summary of Findings
      No. of Events Effect
No. of studies Design Limitations Consistency Generalizability to Population of Interest: means to the “population” Generalizability of the Intervention of interest Intervention Control Relative Risk (95% CI)
Mortality Pneumonia – community based oral antibiotic studies
4 1 randomized 3 Non randomized - concurrent control Studies are not randomized, coverage of intervention are estimates, exact data not available, intensity of co-interventions varies between studies Findings from the 4 studies all show direct mortality reduction benefit, although in 3 of the 4 studies included in the meta analysis, the effect reduction is not significant. Yes, studies were all done in high neonatal mortality regions. 3 of the 4 studies show direct effect on pneumonia specific mortality. 1 shows effect on overall neonatal mortality 248/ 6542 63/ 4538 *All-cause mortality 0.75 (0.64- 0.89)
**Pneumonia Specific 0.58 (0.41- 0.82)
Mortality Pneumonia - community based injectable antibiotic studies
No studies identified
Mortality Pneumonia - hospital-based case management
2 Both observational study design Not trials CFR: 14.4% (28/195) and 30.8% (8/26) Both studies from low income South Asian countries. The study reporting higher CFR had high proportion (60%) of LBW babies. N/A N/A N/A