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Table 5 LiST estimates for the effectiveness of immediate stimulation, and of basic neonatal resuscitation on cause-specific neonatal mortality

From: Neonatal resuscitation and immediate newborn assessment and stimulation for the prevention of neonatal deaths: a systematic review, meta-analysis and Delphi estimation of mortality effect

Cause of death to act on Newborn assessment and stimulation Basic resuscitation in the community Basic resuscitation in facility
   Effect (additional to assessment and stimulation) Effect (additional to assessment and stimulation)
Intrapartum-related neonatal deaths DELPHI
Median 10%
(IQR: 5-15%)
(Range: 0-25%)
Median 20%
(IQR: 15-25%)
(Range: 10-50%)
(95% CI: 16 - 41%)
Neonatal deaths due to complications of preterm birth DELPHI
Median 10%
(IQR: 5-10%)
(Range: 0-20%)
Median 5%
(IQR: 5-10%)
(Range: 1-40%)
Median 10%
  1. Delphi Expert Opinion estimates based on median answer from Panel of 18 members representing the following:
  2. 1) WHO Regions: Americas (n=6); Southeast Asia (n=4); Eastern Mediterranean (n=2); Africa (n=4); Europe (n=2)
  3. 2) Specialties: Neonatology (n=7); General Pediatrics (n=11); Pediatric Infectious Disease (n=1)