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Table 3 Minimum detectable increases in the proportion of variance in continuous variables explained by infant feedinga, b, c

From: Study of Women, Infant feeding, and Type 2 diabetes mellitus after GDM pregnancy (SWIFT), a prospective cohort study: methodology and design

Variable tested Degrees of Freedom for Test Variable R2 for confounders
   0.05 0.10 0.20 0.30
Infant feeding (intensive lactation vs. intensive formula feeding) 1 0.0075 0.0071 0.0063 0.0055
  1. aContinuous variables: plasma glucose and insulin levels, indices of insulin secretion, body weight or waist girth, and adiponectin
  2. bAdjusting for confounders that account for various proportions of explained variance (R2)
  3. cN = 986 (one-year exam), significance level = 0.05, power = 0.80