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Table 1 Minimum detectable relative hazard of incident Type 2 diabetes mellitus and minimum detectable differences in mean change in biochemical measuresa

From: Study of Women, Infant feeding, and Type 2 diabetes mellitus after GDM pregnancy (SWIFT), a prospective cohort study: methodology and design

Outcomes Relative Hazard; 2-year Cumulative probability of Incident Type 2 DM = .20 Detectable Difference (SD units) in Mean change 1-year, N1 = N2 = 493 Detectable Difference (SD Units) in Mean change 2-year, N1 = N2 = 431
Infant Feeding Categories    
Intensive formula feeding (referent) (referent) (referent)
Intensive lactation
(4 or more months)
0.65 0.179 0.191
  1. a Standard deviation units, two-sided test, significance level = 0.05, power = 0.80.