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Table 1 Outcome measures for the study

From: Prevention of Overweight in Infancy ( study: a randomised controlled trial of sleep, food and activity interventions for preventing overweight from birth

   Time point
  Preg Birth 3 w 7 w 4 m 6 m 12 m 18 m 24 m
Cord blood   x        
Anthropometry - childa       x x x x
Anthropometry - parentb       x x x x
Sleep (child)          
   Questionnaire/diary    x   x x x x x
   Accelerometry       x x   x
Sleep (parents)      x x x x x
Breast feeding and introduction of solids    Brief monthly phone call from 7 to 23 weeks    
Diet in child        x   x
Feeding behaviours         x  
Physical activity (child)          
   Questionnaire      x x x x x
   Accelerometry      x x x x x
Sedentary behaviour       x x   x
Physical activity (parent)       x x   x
Maternal depression x     x   x   x
Paternal depression x       x   x
Infant Temperament       x    x
   skills & efficacy   x    x x x   x
   support       x    x
Family quality of life        x   x
  1. See text for specific methods
  2. aWeight, length, and head and waist circumferences at each time point
  3. bWeight, height and waist circumference of mother and father at 6 and 24 months, weight and waist circumference in mother at 12 months, and weight in mother at 18 months