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Table 2 Topic guide and example prompts/subtopics from interviews with exercise professionals

From: Facilitating adherence to physical activity: exercise professionals' experiences of the National Exercise Referral Scheme in Wales. a qualitative study

Topic Example prompts
1. Role of the exercise professional What does your role as an exercise professional on the scheme involve?
What kinds of support and guidance do patients look for from you?
How diverse is the type of support required by different patient groups?
2. Opinion of scheme and integration into context What are your thoughts about:
- the referral process?
- the exercise facilities?
- training provided?
- the scheme as a whole?
Is there anything about the area in which you work that has made it easier or more difficult to implement the scheme?
3. One-to-one consultations and motivational interviewing* What do you see as the main purposes of your one-to-one consultations with clients?
To what extent do you base your consultations on motivational interviewing principles (and in what ways)?
Do you feel that the training received at the beginning of the scheme enabled you to do this (and how about after the refresher training course you recently received)?
4. Perceived changes and processes of change Do you think that the scheme has been effective in changing patients' physical activity/psychological well-being?
Do you think the scheme is more effective for some client groups than others?
Do you think it should be targeted towards specific population subgroups?
What is it about the scheme that you think helps clients to become more active?
Do patients have any anxieties about the leisure centre environment (if so, who, how overcome)?
5. Motivation How motivated, or ready to change, do you feel that clients are when they enter the programme?
Are any patient groups more or less motivated on entry to the programme?
  1. * included primarily to explore challenges in implementation of MI, as reported elsewhere [34]