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Table 2 Summary and nature of key documents used in the analysis of the tobacco industry strategies

From: The so-called "Spanish model" - Tobacco industry strategies and its impact in Europe and Latin America

Document Author Date Contents
Global strategy
Worldwide Strategy and Plan to Accommodate the Diverse Expectations Regarding Smoking in Strategic Public Settings and the Role of Ventilation [10]. Prepared in coordination of:
-PM International
-Corporate Affairs
-Worldwide Operations and Technology
-Worldwide Regulatory Affairs
February 1998 Internal presentation describing the worldwide strategy and plan behind the accommodations programs, including a situation analysis, definition of a common goal, several objectives, and specific strategies to achieve them.
Accommodation and Smoking restrictions [7] Worldwide Regulatory Affairs October 1998 Draft plan for 1999 outlining different strategies to solve the issue of: "Unreasonable restrictions on the use of our tobacco products in public venues"6. The document highlights the objectives identified, suggested strategies and needed. The strategies include inter alia the following international accommodation programs: "Courtesy of Choice", "Traditional Hospitality" and "A Smoking Place".
International Accommodations Programs [6] Goldberg H., Vice President Environmental Policy, Worldwide Regulatory Affairs, Philip Morris International July 1999 Internal report and background document which internally demonstrated that the "International Accommodation Program is very effective" 5. The document presents the logic of accommodation, the structure and costs of "Courtesy of Choice" and "Traditional Hospitality", their status and future plans, as well as the barriers of and alternatives to the programs.
Accommodation Programs - where next? [9] Goldberg H., Vice President Environmental Policy, Worldwide Regulatory Affairs, Philip Morris International January 2000 Slides and speaking notes highlighting the growth of the program between 1995 and 2000, including number of participating outlets, countries, costs and regulatory benefits in different markets.
Implementation in Spain and Latin America
Consulting Services Agreement [12] F. J. Braña for Philip Morris Spain and J. Areitio and J.A. Llorente for J.A. Llorente & O. Cuenca May 1999 Consulting services agreements between PM Spain and the public relations agency J.A. Llorente & O. Cuenca with regard to the management and coordination of among others the "Traditional Hospitality" programme the "FER" (Federación Española de Restaurantes. Cafeterias y Bares) and local hostelry associations with "ATECYR" (Asociación Técnica Española de Climatización y Refrigeración)
Convivencia en Armonía - New Regional Agency [13] Jacqueline P.Hasty, Supervisor, Communications, Philip Morris International December 1999 Inter-office correspondence informing about the selection and engagement of J.A. Llorente & O. Cuenca as the new public relations agency to coordinate the Convivencia en Armonia/Cortesía de Elejir programs in Latin America