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Table 4 Determinants of learning and change objectives and the associated strategies

From: Intervention mapping for the development of a strategy to implement the insurance medicine guidelines for depression

Determinant Learning objectives for the insurance physician Theory-based method Practical strategy
Knowledge Familiarity with the content of the guideline Dissemination of training material
Active learning from experts
Making guideline available in combination with practical instruments
Skills The ability to apply knowledge in practice Interactive group training Interactive training in use of the guidelines
Attitude Willingness to accept the guidelines and use them to improve quality Persuasion by opinion leaders Benefits highlighted during training and by staff and the Netherlands Association for Insurance Medicine
Self-efficacy Belief in ability to use the guidelines in practice and finding answers to questions Performance-related feedback Positive individualised feedback during training and subsequently in practice, assistance with questions
Expectations Expectation that the guideline will contribute to more evidence-based assessments Individualized feedback and group performance audit data Training in use of the guidelines with exercise case-histories, feedback at group and individual level
  Change objectives for the environment   
Availability The ability to practise, ask questions and work on personal performance Feedback, personal improvement, planning Practice in training, feedback on performance, support with questions
Uniformity All insurance physicians covered by similar requirements Quality-monitoring and quality-management Staff physician appraises all insurance physicians using the same indicators
Support Support from colleagues, staff, management and professional association, facilitation and, where necessary, amendment of the work process In-built process reminders, quality management, support from opinion leaders Quality evaluation by management, staff quality-oriented direction, promotion by the Netherlands Association for Insurance Medicine