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Table 2 Implementation strategy: insurance physicians' wishes regarding educational training and support in the use of the guidelines

From: Intervention mapping for the development of a strategy to implement the insurance medicine guidelines for depression

Training module Form, implementation Method
Introduction to the guidelines for depression Experts from the curative sector and insurance physicians with knowledge of depression Presentation of problems from curative and insurance-medical viewpoints; mutual questioning regarding experience and vision
Materials, tools Summary card listing all diagnostic criteria Practise in the use of the materials, and case histories
Case-histories Group discussion and practise in applying the guidelines What constitutes a good assessment? What is unclear? Why?
Work ability assessment Insurance physician and psychiatrist/psychologist-researcher Scientific insights, experiences, focus on problems (LFA)
Information on treatment possibilities Experts from the curative sector Current thinking on appropriate treatment. What questions can the insurance physician put to the curative physician?
Carrying out and interpreting psychiatric tests Psychologist, psychiatrist Different presentation in ethnic minorities (a high proportion of the claimants)
Detailed explanation and interpretation of the HRSD questionnaire Psychologist, psychiatrist Practise in the use of the questionnaire
Feedback Insurance physician and guidelines author/researcher Feedback from the profession; opportunity to ask questions
  1. LFA = List of Functional Abilities; HRSD = Hamilton Rating Scale of Depression