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Table 1 The needs of the insurance physicians with regard to guidelines for depression

From: Intervention mapping for the development of a strategy to implement the insurance medicine guidelines for depression

Diagnostics A list of the DSM IV criteria for depression and the DSM IV criteria for the most relevant differential diagnostic psychiatric disorders
Psychiatric examination A list of psychiatric examination items on a desk mat
Seriousness depression A method with which to determine the seriousness of depression in a uniform way. The Hamilton Rating Scale of Depression? (HRSD)
Seriousness and disability Expert opinion to clarify the relationship between the seriousness of the disorder and the assessed disability
Prognosis Need for evidence-based information about periods of recovery from depression in relation to treatment and co-morbidity
Guidelines for depression and other standards Expert opinion on the relationship between the guidelines for depression and the standards: "Full disability entitlement on medical grounds" and "reduction in working hours" for partly disabled claimants
Coping styles Information about personal characteristics and coping styles and how to distinguish between disease and behaviour