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Table 2 ICF categories: (a) as originally denoted and described in words, numerals, percentages and mid-point scores for each categorical percentage-span; and (b) as backcoded in this study.

From: Prevalence and features of ICF-disability in Spain as captured by the 2008 National Disability Survey

ICF (in words) ICF (in categories) ICF (in percentage terms) EDAD 2008 categories Mid-point score
No difficulty 0 0%-4% No or mild difficulty 12%
Mild difficulty 1 5%-24%.   
Moderate difficulty 2 25%-49% Moderate difficulty 37%
Severe difficulty 3 50%-95% Severe difficulty 72.5%
Complete difficulty 4 96%-100% Complete difficulty 98%
  1. Since the EDAD 2008 drew no distinction between 0 and 1, these two options were combined as 0%-24%, which matches a mid-point score of 12%
  2. A global score was obtained for capacity measurements but not for performance. To calculate such a global score, a total of 32 variables were -not always unequivocally- selected to build 32 ICF categories from the ICF checklist (Tables 1 and 3). Answers of inapplicable and missing values were replaced by 1 (no or mild difficulty).