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Table 2 HDHK sessions and program content

From: The 'Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids' community effectiveness trial: study protocol of a community-based healthy lifestyle program for fathers and their children

Session focus Session detail
1. 'Weight loss for men'
* Program rationale
* Importance of fathers and their influence on children
* Energy balance and weight loss
* Nine key weight loss tips for men
* Website use for eating and activity diaries
2. 'Raising active children in an inactive world'
* Obesogenic environments
* Physical activity levels, trends and benefits
* Physical activity recommendations
* Physical activity goals for Dads
* Ideas for fitness/activity at home
3. 'Ready to rumble with Dad'
(Dads & Kids)
* Rough and Tumble Play
* Fun Fitness circuits
* Fun and active games
4. 'Healthy eating for families - Dads matter'
* Healthy eating benefits
* Child nutrition
* Food based guidelines
* Role of fathers in healthy home eating environments
* Authoritative feeding practices
* Reading food labels
5. 'Fitness, fun and fundamental movement skills (FMS)'
(Dads & Kids)
* FMS skills circuit
* Rough and Tumble activities
* Partner fitness challenges
6. 'Sustaining healthy lifestyles'
* Planning meals
* Australian Guide to Healthy Eating
* Recommended daily intakes
* Why we eat food?
* Support and strategies for successful dietary changes and relapse prevention
7. 'Weight control is a journey, not a destination'
(Dads & Kids)
* Program revision
* Challenges and solutions
* Rough and tumble activities
* Ball and game skills