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Table 8 Intra Class Correlations and explained variances (in percentages), calculated on basis of prediction

From: Inter-doctor variations in the assessment of functional incapacities by insurance physicians

Dependent variables NSCE
(n = 83755)
(n = 64190)
(n = 64190)
ICC IP-level 7.1% 11.8% 6.5%
ICC Office-level 1.6% 0.0% 0.0%
R2 total model 19.1% 18.5% 37.2%
Contribution in R2 by client variables* 10.4% 6.7% 30.7%
  1. NSCE = no sustainable (long-term) functional capacities anymore, or restrictions in working hours up to 30 hours (binominal); FIS = functional incapacity score (scale); MWDC = maximum work disability classes 80%-100% (binominal); ICC = Intra Class Correlation; IP = Insurance Physician; R2 = explained variances. The ICCs for NSCE and MWDC were estimated with logistic regression; that of FIS with Poisson regression.
  2. *calculated as the difference between explained variances and ICCs (IP-level and office level).