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Table 3 Summary table of intervention outcomes and main findings

From: Interventions to improve work outcomes in work-related PTSD: a systematic review

Paper Work outcome Treatment Follow-up period Conclusion
Gersons et al., 2000 RTW Brief eclectic psychotherapy 3 months RTW in 86% of clients
Grunert et al., 1989 RTW On-site work evaluations 12 months RTW in 87% of clients
Grunert et al., 1992 RTW Graded work exposure 6 months RTW in 88% of clients
Högberg et al., 2006 WF EMDR Reported in Högberg et al., 2007 12 of 20 clients in treatment group no longer had PTSD post-treatment; improved WF
Högberg et al., 2007 RTW, WF EMDR 35 months RTW in 10 of the 12 remitters in Högberg et al. (2006)
Weis, 1999 RTW Prolonged imaginal exposure 6 months RTW in 83% of clients
  1. RTW = Return to work
  2. WF = work functioning