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Table 4 Types of quit support most desired by clients who wanted support from SCSO staff to quit (n = 124)

From: A survey of smoking prevalence and interest in quitting among social and community service organisation clients in Australia: a unique opportunity for reaching the disadvantaged

  % (95% CI)
Be given free nicotine patches or gum 77.4 (70.0-84.9)
Be given cash rewards for quitting 52.4 (43.5-61.3)
Be given non-cash rewards for quitting 46.8 (37.9-55.7)
Get support and encouragement from staff to quit 45.2 (36.3-54.1)
Alternative therapy like acupuncture or hypnosis 38.7 (30.0-47.4)
Receive advice or counselling 31.5 (23.2-39.7)
Be asked by staff if I would like help to quit 31.5 (23.2-39.7)
Be given pamphlets about quitting 23.4 (15.8-30.9)
Computer or internet based quit program 15.3 (8.9-21.8)
Video or DVD about quitting 14.5 (8.2-20.8)
Quit help via SMS messages 12.9 (6.9-18.9)
Be put in touch with Quitline 11.3 (5.6-16.9)