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Table 2 KAT Working Group, PAKT organiser and KAT DVD producer: Dates of interviews and backgrounds of participants

From: Preventing alcohol misuse in young people aged 9-11 years through promoting family communication: an exploratory evaluation of the Kids, Adults Together (KAT) Programme

Date of first interview (Phase 1) Date of second interview (Phase 2) Background of interviewee(s)
1/7/08 - PAKT organiser
2/7/08 12/12/08 Working Group members: Local Authority Substance Misuse Education and NPHS (joint interviews with 2 interviewees)
4/7/08 6/1/09 Working Group member: Community Arts Development
22/7/08 11/12/08 Working Group member: Police
23/7/08 21/1/09 KAT organiser and assistant (joint interviews with 2 interviewees)
24/7/08 12/12/08 Working Group member: Voluntary organisation
3/9/08 16/12/08 Working Group member: National Public Health Service
4/9/08 - DVD producer