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Table 2 Listing of countries with either insufficient or no progress towards the GIVS coverage goal for the third dose of diphtheria and tetanus toxoid with pertussis vaccine (DTP3) and for the first dose of measles containing vaccine (MCV)

From: A mid-term assessment of progress towards the immunization coverage goal of the Global Immunization Vision and Strategy (GIVS)

Afghanistan* Afghanistan*
Austria* Austria*
Azerbaijan** Azerbaijan**
Barbados* Barbados*
Bolivia* Benin*
Central African Republic** Bolivia**
Chad* Central African Republic**
Colombia* Chad*
Comoros* Colombia*
Costa Rica* Comoros*
Democratic Republic of the Congo* Costa Rica*
Dominican Republic* Côte d'Ivoire**
Equatorial Guinea** Cyprus*
Gabon** Democratic Republic of the Congo*
Guinea** Dominican Republic**
Guinea-Bissau** Equatorial Guinea**
Haiti** Gabon**
India* Guinea**
Iraq** Guinea-Bissau**
Latvia* Haiti**
Lebanon** Iraq**
Lesotho* Lebanon**
Liberia* Lesotho*
Madagascar** Liberia*
Mali** Madagascar*
Malta* Mali**
Mauritania** Malta**
Micronesia (Federated States of )* Mauritania*
Mozambique** Micronesia (Federated States of )*
Namibia* Mozambique**
Palau* Namibia*
Papua New Guinea** Palau**
Philippines* Papua New Guinea**
Rwanda* Philippines*
Senegal** Rwanda*
Solomon Islands* Samoa*
Somalia* Senegal**
South Africa** Solomon Islands**
Swaziland* Somalia*
Syrian Arab Republic* South Africa*
Tuvalu* Suriname*
Uganda** Syrian Arab Republic*
Vanuatu** Uganda**
Venezuela* Vanuatu**
Zambia* Venezuela*
  1. * Countries making insufficient progress towards GIVS coverage goal of 90%.
  2. ** Countries making no progress towards GIVS coverage goal of 90%.