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Table 7 Cost of hypothetical intervention in Australia 2010 - 2040 ($A dollars 2011 equivalent)

From: Who pays and who benefits? How different models of shared responsibilities between formal and informal carers influence projections of costs of dementia management

  Delay Progression Delay Onset
2010 237,042,000 237,042,000
2020 413,304,000 281,614,000
2030 597,670,000 409,252,000
2040 814,452,000 565,254,000
  1. Values obtained by multiplying the current per annum cost of donepezil (~AU$2026 per person) by the projected prevalence of mild dementia in 2010-2040. While an intervention to delay onset would be administered before the onset of mild dementia, costs were calculated on this basis in the absence of appropriate data