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Table 1 Assessment Measures: Individual Participants [Maternal, Paternal, Infant]

From: Promoting male involvement to improve PMTCT uptake and reduce antenatal HIV infection: a cluster randomized controlled trial protocol

Assessment Time (mins) PMTCT
Base-line Post-
32 wks pre delivery Deliv-ery 3 days Post- Delivery 6 weeks post- Delivery
PMTCT Standard of Care Protocol          
HCT maternal 20 X        
Maternal CD4 5 X        
ART 30 X        
ARV prophylaxis 5 X        X
Paternal HCT 20 X        
Paternal CD4   X        
Maternal 32 wk. HCT 20 X     X X   
PCR - infant - HIV 5 X        X
Couples Verification 10   X       
Biological Assessment          
Maternal & infant ART & ARV prophylaxis blood test 5        X  
Psychosocial & Behavioural Assessment          
Demographics 5    X X     
PMTCT& HIV Knowledge 5    X X     
Adherence: 4 days
ART & ARV prophylaxis
5    X X     
Sexual diary: 7 days 5    X X     
Sexual Risk Behaviour: 1 month 10    X X     
Stigma 10    X X     
Intimate Partner Violence: 1 month, lifetime 5    X X