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Table 6 Overview of sub-topic areas with greater than 25 reviews available (N = 71)

From: Missing and accounted for: gaps and areas of wealth in the public health review literature

Addiction/Substance Use
   Alcohol abuse/use
   Drug abuse/use
   Smoking cessation
   Tobacco use
Adult Health
   Women's Health
   Workplace health
Chronic Diseases
Breast cancer
   Cardiovascular disease
Blood pressure
   Dementia/Alzheimer's disease
   Lifestyle behaviours
Physical activity
Tobacco use
Communicable Disease/Infection
   Bacterial infections
   Disease transmission
Dental Health
   Dental caries
   Oral health
Healthy Communities
   Community health services
   Community wellness
   Multicultural health
Injury Prevention/Safety
Mental Health
   Anxiety disorders
   Behaviour disorder
   Mood disorder
   Eating behaviour
   Food intake
   Fruit OR vegetables
   Healthy weight
   Child development
   Child growth
   Family functioning
   Maternal child health
   Postnatal care
Physical Activity
   Active living
   Health behaviour
   Healthy weight
   Obesity prevention
   Physical fitness
Reproductive Health
   Maternal health
   Prenatal care
   Prenatal health
Senior Health
Sexual Health
   Pregnancy Prevention
   Condom use
   Sexual behaviour
Sexually Transmitted Infections
Social Determinants of Health
   Income and Social Status