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Table 5 Overview of sub-topic areas with less than 5 reviews available (N = 68)

From: Missing and accounted for: gaps and areas of wealth in the public health review literature

Addiction/Substance Use
   Solvent abuse
Adult Health
   Men's Health
Partner violence
Prostate cancer
Testicular cancer
Child Health
   Ear infection
   Speech language
Chronic Diseases
Lung cancer
Oral cancer
Testicular cancer
Communicable Disease/Infection
   Avian flu
   Blood borne diseases
   Head lice/pediculosis
   Lyme disease
   Streptococcal infection
   Viral infections
   West nile virus
Environmental Health
   Air pollution
ETS (environmental tobacco smoke)
   Chemical exposure
   Chemical safety
   Electromagnetic fields
   Environmental pollution
   Hazardous waste
   Lead poisoning
   Noise exposure
   Pest management
   Sewage disposal
   Water pollution
Food Safety & Inspection
   E. coli
   Fish borne
   Food borne outbreaks
   Food contamination
   Food handling
   Food poisoning
   Food premise inspection
   Food processing & inspection
   Food safety
   Food service inspection
   Hepatitis A
Healthy Communities
   Community development
   Community health centers
   Emergency preparedness
Injury Prevention/Safety
   Air bags
   Carpal tunnel
Mental Health
   Borderline personality disorder
   Eating disorder
Binge eating
Reproductive Health
   Fetal alcohol syndrome
Sexual Health
   Sexual assault
Social Determinants of Health
   Food security/insecurity
   Social justice