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Table 4 Overview of sub-topic areas with no review evidence (N = 34)

From: Missing and accounted for: gaps and areas of wealth in the public health review literature

Adult Health
   Women's Health
Female genital mutilation
Hormone replacement therapy
Communicable Disease/Infection
   Food borne diseases
   Hand foot mouth disease
   Heliobacter pylori
   Norwalk virus
   Pink eye/conjunctivitis
   Sexually transmitted infections
   Toxic shock syndrome
Dental Health
   Dental implants
Environmental Health
   Carbon monoxide poisoning
   Environmental epidemiology
   Extreme temperature
   Radiation exposure
   Swimming pool
Food Safety & Inspection
   Bovine spongiform encephalopathy
   Fish borne
   Food processing & inspection
   Hepatitis A
   Shellfish borne
Senior Health
   Elder abuse
   Urinary incontinence