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Table 3 Comparison of the top ten priority topic areas by registered users and visitors and the availability of reviews

From: Missing and accounted for: gaps and areas of wealth in the public health review literature

Main Topic Areas Review Availability Registered Users Visitors
Addiction/Substance Use +++   X
Adolescent Health +++ X  
Adult Health +++ X  
Child Health +++ X X
Chronic Diseases +++ X X
Communicable Disease/Infection ++ X  
Dental Health +   
Environmental Health +   
Food Safety & Inspection +   
Healthy Communities + X  
Infant Health ++   
Injury Prevention/Safety ++   X
Mental Health +++ X X
Nutrition +++ X X
Parenting ++   X
Physical Activity +++ X X
Reproductive Health ++   X
Senior Health ++   
Sexual Health ++   
Sexually Transmitted Infections ++   
Social Determinants of Health + X X
  1. (+)few reviews as 1-150, (++)moderate reviews as 151-300, (+++)many reviews as 301 and greater