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Table 1 Summary Table of Take Care New York Indicators

From: Developing public health clinical decision support systems (CDSS) for the outpatient community in New York City: our experience

TCNY Agenda Item


1. Have a Regular Doctor or Other Health Care Provider

Adult New Yorkers without a regular doctor

2. Be Tobacco Free

Adult New Yorkers who smoke

3. Have a Healthy Heart

Proportion of New Yorkers with high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Proportion of New Yorkers with well-controlled hypertension, cholesterol & diabetes

4. Know Your HIV Status

Number of New Yorkers who die from HIV/AIDS

5. Get Help for Depression

Prevalence of untreated depression

6. Live Free of Alcohol or Drugs

Alcohol-attributable mortality

Drug-related deaths

7. Get Checked for Cancer

Screening rates for breast cancer

Screening rates for cervical cancer

Screening rates for colon cancer

8. Get the Immunizations You Need

Influenza immunizations among New Yorkers age 65+

9. Make Your Home Safe & Healthy

Women who die from intimate partner homicide

Children with newly-identified blood lead levels (BLL) > 15 μg/dl and an identified lead-based paint hazard

10. Have a Healthy Baby

Infant mortality rate per 1, 000 live births