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Table 4 Characteristics of the six program areas with respect to the ecological model of health promotion

From: A pilot study of Aboriginal health promotion from an ecological perspective

Activity Settings Targets Strategies
Health Summer School Indigenous community (COM) practitioners themselves HP → IND
   Organisational capacity HP → ORG → IND
Hungry for Victory RFNC (ORG)   
Program launch   U17 footballers HP → IND; HP → [IND-IND]
Breakfast program   U17 footballers HP → IND; HP → [ORG-ORG] → IND
Nutrition workshops   U17 footballers & netballers HP → IND
Mentoring program   U17 & U14 footballers HP → INT → IND
Fruit Share RFNC (ORG) RFNC attendees, club HP → IND; HP → ORG → IND
Focus groups on guidelines Indigenous community (COM) Participants HP → IND
   Organisational partnership HP → [ORG-ORG] → IND
Women's Wellbeing Group VMAMS (ORG) community women HP → IND; HP → [IND-IND]
   Organisational partnership HP → [ORG-ORG] → IND
10-Week body Challenge RAC (ORG) workplace HP → ORG → IND
   RAC-RFNC outreach HP → [ORG-ORG] → IND
   RAC staff (IND) HP → IND
Total 2   5