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Table 7 Programmatic Elements to be Nationally Prescribed, Encouraged Nationally, or Left to Local Discretion

From: Postcode Lotteries in Public Health - The NHS Health Checks Programme in North West London

  Nationally prescribed guidelines and standards that are mandatory National guidance that is non-mandatory Programmatic elements that are entirely left to local discretion
Eligibility for Health Check Eligibility criteria in terms of age and ethnicity, with some allowance for clinical discretion   
Approach to achieving coverage Stipulate use of both systematic and opportunistic approaches; as well as GP and non-GP settings (to avoid increasing inequity)
Minimum coverage targets
Provide guidance on how systematic screening should be organised annually.
Provide suggested targets for non-GP screening
Identification of non-GP settings and opportunistic approaches
Funding and payment structure   Guidance on payment rates per Health Check
Suggested minimum and maximum cost of the programme per 100,000 population
Equipment and screening instruments CVD Risk Calculation Tool POCT equipment that is accredited by MHRA
Approach to diabetes and pre diabetes screening
Procurement of POCT.
Additional Interventions   Recommended additional screening tests that could be part of a Health Check
Recommended method or tools for additional screening (e.g. AUDITc for alcohol screening)
Final selection of additional screening tests and tools
Monitoring and evaluation Mandatory minimum dataset
Minimum requirements for evaluation of quality and outcomes.
Guidance on suggested methods for evaluation of quality and outcomes. including an equity analysis Final design of M&E strategy
Referral Pathways Referral criteria and expectations for clinical conditions requiring medical attention Best practice referral guidelines for weight management, smoking cessation, etc Design of local referral pathways and commissioning of required services