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Table 1 National Health Checks Guidelines

From: Postcode Lotteries in Public Health - The NHS Health Checks Programme in North West London

1. People aged 40 to 74 who have not been diagnosed with heart disease, stroke, kidney disease or diabetes will be invited to have a check once every 5 years.
2. It is expected that one fifth of the eligible population will be invited for a check each year.
3. Health checks must be carried out face to face in an area that allows for privacy.
4. The person carrying out the check must have had adequate training.
5. The health check should be carried out with suitably calibrated equipment.
6. The health check should consist of: clinical history (age, gender, smoking status, family history of Coronary heart disease and ethnicity); measure of Body Mass Index (BMI), blood cholesterol and blood pressure (BP); and a screening test for diabetes.
7. CVD risk should be calculated using an appropriate risk engine calculator as advised by NICE (either Framingham or QRISK2).
8. Everybody who undergoes a health check should have their risk conveyed to them.
  1. SOURCE: (DH, 2008)