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Table 2 Summary of study measures

From: Supermarket Healthy Eating for Life (SHELf): protocol of a randomised controlled trial promoting healthy food and beverage consumption through price reduction and skill-building strategies

Measures Baseline Post-intervention Follow-up
   Vegetable purchasing and consumption
   Fruit purchasing and consumption
   Water purchasing and consumption
   Sugar sweetened beverage purchasing and consumption
   Shopping habits (location, frequency)
   Food security
   Self-efficacy for planning, shopping, preparing and eating fruit and vegetables
   Self-efficacy for drinking water and reducing sugar sweetened beverages
   Perceived affordability of fruit and vegetables
   Personal and household preferences
Demographic and other covariates    
   Country of birth - -
   Relationship status - -
   Healthcare card holder - -
   Household composition - -
   Income (individual & household) - -
   Educational qualifications - -
   Employment status - -
   Whether currently pregnant
   Whether currently dieting
   Vegetarian status - -
   Smoking status - -
Economic evaluation questions
Process evaluation questions -