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Table 1 Summary of skill-building intervention newsletter objectives, targeted mediators and content

From: Supermarket Healthy Eating for Life (SHELf): protocol of a randomised controlled trial promoting healthy food and beverage consumption through price reduction and skill-building strategies

Newsletter Week (no). Objective/target Primary communication objective Secondary objective (barriers and promoters addressed)
1(1) Knowledge Why you should eat more fruit and vegetables and drink water - Health benefits
- How much to eat/drink
- Set goals to increase amount of vegetables
2(2) Self-efficacy for healthy eating, perceived affordability of fruit & vegetables Planning for healthy eating - Planning a menu (inventory of items on hand) and writing a shopping list
- Planning to drink more water
3(3) Self-efficacy for healthy eating Shop smart - Saving money at the supermarket (using canned or frozen when fruit & vegetables not in season)
- Understanding labels
- Setting goals (related to buying more fruit & veg while shopping)
4(4) Perceived affordability of fruit & vegetables, self-efficacy for healthy eating Confidence in the kitchen - Creating quick simple meals from items on hand (include cooking methods, adding fruit & vegetables to simple meals)
- Preventing wastage
- Fruit juice and sugar
5(5) Perceived barriers Saving time and money - Meal ideas for saving time
- Food safety (to avoid waste)
- Soft drinks and sugar
7(6) Perceived barriers Trying different fruit & vegetables - Tasting new/different fruit & veg
- Healthy eating outside the home
- Trying sweet-drink alternatives
9(7) Self-efficacy for healthy eating, perceived barriers Confidence in eating healthy at all times - Modifying recipes
- Eating fruit & vegetables in social situations
- Energy deficit when reducing consumption of sweetened drinks
11(8) Self-efficacy for healthy eating, perceived barriers, awareness Revision - Resources to use for continuing to eat healthy
- Revision of key messages