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Table 1 ICD Codes Selected for Case Identification of Maltreatment-Related Cases

From: Using Routinely Collected Hospital Data for Child Maltreatment Surveillance: Issues, Methods and Patterns

Type of Code ICD-10-AM Code ICD-10-AM Code Description
Diagnosis Codes T74.0 Maltreatment syndromes: Neglect or abandonment
  T74.1 Maltreatment syndromes: Physical Abuse
  T74.2 Maltreatment syndromes: Sexual abuse
  T74.3 Maltreatment syndromes: Psychological abuse
  T74.8 Maltreatment syndromes: Other maltreatment syndromes
  T74.9 Maltreatment syndromes: Maltreatment syndrome, unspecified
  Z04.4 Examination and observation following alleged rape and seduction
  Z04.5 Examination and observation following other inflicted injury
  Z61.4 Problems related to alleged sexual abuse of child by person within primary support group
  Z61.5 Problems related to alleged sexual abuse of child by person outside primary support group
  Z61.6 Problems related to alleged physical abuse of child
  Z62.0 Inadequate parental supervision and control
  Z62.3 Hostility towards and scapegoating of child
  Z62.4 Emotional neglect of child
  Z62.5 Other problems related to neglect in upbringing
  Z62.6 Inappropriate parental pressure and other abnormal qualities of upbringing
External Cause Codes X85-Y09 Assault codes - includes 5th character perpetrator codes as follows:
  1 Parent
  2 Other family member
  3 Carer
  8 Other specified person*
  9 Unspecified person*
Procedure Codes 5830600 Radiography of whole skeleton
  9608400 Physical Abuse Counselling
  1. *Cases where an 'other specified' or 'unspecified' perpetrator were only included in the maltreatment group if the child was 14 years of age or under (see methodology section for further explanation)