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Table 1 Background of participating experts at the beginning of the Delphi Process in each country

From: Health care for immigrants in Europe: Is there still consensus among country experts about principles of good practice? A Delphi study

COUNTRY Academia NGO Policymaker Practitioner
AUSTRIA Sociology (3) Political sciences Political sciences (2) Medicine (2)
BELGIUM Public health Sociology (2) Pedagogy Medicine Social work Medicine Anthropology Public health Medicine (2)
DENMARK Psychiatry(2) Psychiatry Public Health Sociologist Public health Internal medicine Medicine
ENGLAND Researcher Nursing Social work Medicine (2) Psychiatry Occupational therapy Psychology
FINLAND Social sciences Master of Arts in Comparative Religion Psychiatric nursing Psychiatry Law Psychiatry Public health Nursing (2)
FRANCE Public health (2) Medicine Social work Public health Psychologist Psychiatry Medicine
GERMANY Psychiatry (3) Political sciences Sociology Medical psychology Psychotraumatology Political sciences NGO activist Social sciences Psychiatry
GREECE Law Public health Medicine Health economy Psychiatry Psychology Medicine (2)
HUNGARY Sociology Geography Economical sciences Chemical sciences Social worker (2) Medicine (2)
ITALY Public health Psychiatry Psychiatry Medicine Psychiatry (2) Public health Psychiatry
LITHUANIA Medicine Medical anthropology Medicine Social Sciences/Law Public health (2) Gynaecology Medicine
NETHERLANDS Sociology Epidemiology Paediatrics Medical anthropology Management Public Health Medicine (2)
POLAND Political sciences Migration studies Cultural anthropology NGO Activist Law Psychology Medicine (2)
PORTUGAL Medicine Sociology Medicine Biochemistry Intercultural relations Nursing Public Health Nursing
SPAIN Human Geography Economical Sciences Medicine (2) Medicine (2) Gynaecology Psychology
SWEDEN Public Health Psychology Nursing Nursing Sociology Psychology Medicine (2)