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Table 1 Outcome measures and schedule of the study

From: The sydney playground project: popping the bubblewrap - unleashing the power of play: a cluster randomized controlled trial of a primary school playground-based intervention aiming to increase children's physical activity and social skills

Outcome Measure Data collection Dependent variable Baseline Post-test
BMI Stadiometer and scales Researcher with child Height and weight 1 occasion 1 occasion
Physical Activity Actigraph accelerometer 1 Devices worn by children Counts, and minutes in sedentary and moderate to vigorous activity 5 days 5 days
  Activity Diary 2 Palm pilots responded on by parents Activities undertaken after school 4 days 4 days
Social Interaction Playground Behaviour Video recording Social behaviour 15 min 15 min
  SSIS-RS 3 Parent and teacher reports Social skills and problem behaviour 1 occasion 1 occasion
Self-concept PSPCSAYC 4 Researcher with child, and teacher reports Feelings of competence 1 occasion 1 occasion
  1. 1
  2. 2 Palm pilot Z22
  3. 3 Social Skills Improvement System Rating Scales [61]
  4. 4 Pictorial Scale of Perceived Competence and Social Acceptance for Young Children [60]