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Table 2 Framework for data interrogation in qualitative longitudinal analysis [56]

From: A longitudinal qualitative study examining the factors impacting on the ability of persons with T1DM to assimilate the Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE) principles into daily living and how these factors change over time

Key area Focused questions
Description What is the type, extent and timing of any change
Location Who changed their minds and in what contexts
Drivers for change What were the factors that influenced the changes
Evaluation What influenced the experience of self management and change or lack of change
Consequences What was the affect of further changes new directions, loss of opportunity
What do people expect to happen next What changes to their daily life does it make and what are the consequences
Personal meaning What was the perceived importance of the change the impact on identity; do they see themselves or their futures differently
Policy meaning- What makes DAFNE work, what contextual changes are important
Reflections on the researchers influence