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Table 2 Individual explanations for health inequalities based on qualities of individual residents

From: From causes to solutions - insights from lay knowledge about health inequalities

Genetic characteristics .... I think it really depends on your genes. (Cathy, 25, Pl)
Knowledge about healthy eating Well probably diet.... I would have to say it's a lot to do with the food that people eat, it's ignorance. (Amanda, 60, Pl)
Family values ...the family that you grow up in...they have certain values... knowing that if you want to be healthy you need to eat right and play sport...if you grow up in a family environment like that then you just think that's normal; that's what you continue to do and that becomes generational. (Rhonda, 26, B)
Lifestyle choices Their [Port Adelaide residents'] priorities tend to be more 'go to the pub and play darts with your mates and have a barbecue of greasy food and a few beers'... I think if you can buy beer and cigarettes and greasy chops you can buy healthy food. (Nathan, 59, B)