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Table 2 Examples of groups of key actions/indicators to make composite scores of quality of care

From: Evaluation of the impact of the voucher and accreditation approach on improving reproductive behaviors and status in Cambodia

Quality of: Observed provider actions:
a. Client - provider rapport (0-7) Client greeted warmly, Discussed medical conditions, Asked if client understood information, Encouraged client to ask questions, Used client's name, Help in decision-making, Consultation time > 15 minutes
b. ANC counseling Birth planning, danger signs, physical and laboratory examinations, vitamin A capsule, iron tablet/syrup, TT vaccination, infant feeding, fertility intentions
c. PNC counseling on danger signs since childbirth
Ask about: bleeding since birth, color/smell of vaginal discharge, condition of perineum/CS scar, fever, headache or blurred vision, swelling in face, hands or feet, signs of thrombophlebitis, tiredness or breathlessness, convulsions or fits, LAM, breastfeeding