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Table 1 Price elasticity categorisation of last week drinkers according to their perceptions of price effects

From: The Big Drink Debate: perceptions of the impact of price on alcohol consumption from a large scale cross-sectional convenience survey in north west England

Response to price increase   Response to low prices and discounts
   Increase No change decrease
Increase Label - - -
  Total number 667 226 79
  MLR total (excluded1) (excluded1) (excluded1)
No change Label Lower price elastic Inelastic  
  Total number 12975 3569 100
  MLR total2 11788 2965 (excluded1)
  MLR males 4005 1197  
  MLR females 7783 1768  
Decrease Label Completely elastic High price elastic  
  Total number 4531 392 78
  MLR total2 4210 (excluded1) (excluded1)
  MLR males 1863   
  MLR females 2347   
  1. Price questions were 'Do you think the following would increase or decrease people's alcohol use: 1) low prices and discounts; 2) increased alcohol prices.' The options available were 'decrease', 'no change' or 'increase' (n = 22617).
  2. MLR--included in Multinomial logistic regression (n = 18963). 1Category excluded from multinomial logistic regression model. 2Those with income 'unknown' were excluded from multivariate model.