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Table 4 Associations between drinking contexts and intimate partner violence among participants who used alcohol in the past three months in St. Petersburg, Russia (N = 373)

From: Alcohol misuse, drinking contexts and intimate partner violence in St. Petersburg, Russia: results from a cross-sectional study

Potential triggers Adjusted ORa
Prefer liquor/sherry/vermouth 3.06 (0.90-10.41)
Usually drinking at street or park 5.62 (1.67-18.90)
Being married 6.23 (1.99-19.49)
Monthly income < 15,000 rubles 5.55 (1.91-16.13)
Alcohol misuse 6.35 (1.90-21.28)
  1. aOther socio-demographic variables, including age, sex, education and employment status, were not significantly associated with intimate partner violence and thus were not included in the model.