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Table 2 Behavioural pattern of suicide victims as observed by the German Federal Police Officers (n = 202)a

From: Behaviour patterns preceding a railway suicide: Explorative study of German Federal Police officers' experiences

   Sample   Total
   N ntotal %
Location Open track   127 67.2
  Station   64 33.9
  Eminent spot on station   45 25.8
Deviant Erratic gesture, mimic, 184 39 36.8
behaviour movement    
  Out of the ordinary clothing 187 7 4.1
  Aimlessly wandering about 188 13 14.8
  Erratic communication 187 19 26
  Dropping of personal
189 83 50.6
Impression Confused impression 189 19 25
given Indication of Alcohol 188 22 21.4
  Avoidance of eye contact 186 34 50
  1. a Sample size N displays the total amount of answers to that question, including "yes", "no" and "unknown". ntotal displays the total number of "yes" answers given by the German Federal Police Officers. Percentages were calculated by using yes/no answers only. To analyse location patterns, we asked for yes or no answers. Therefore, results >100% are due to yes and no answers.