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Table 3 Electricians in year 0, who survived until year 3, their employment category the next year (year 1) and their odds of being electricians at year 2, Denmark, men

From: Quantification of the healthy worker effect: a nationwide cohort study among electricians in Denmark

Employment status in year 1 among electricians in year 0 OR of being an electrician at year 2
  OR (95%CI)
Employed as electrician 1 (ref)
Employed not as electrician 0.02 (0.02-0.02)
Short-term sick leave 0.50 (0.45-0.54)
Long-term sick leave 0.11 (0.10-0.12)
Short-term unemployment 0.29 (0.27-0.31)
Long-term unemployment 0.26 (0.22-0.29)
Incapacity benefits 0.02 (0.01-0.02)
Comorbidity index 1-2 (medium) 0.29 (0.26-0.32)
Comorbidity index 3+ (high) 0.16 (0.11-0.23)
  1. OR, odds ratio; 95%CI, 95% confidence interval. All estimates are adjusted for age (5-year groups) and calendar year. Each person-interval could be in several categories at year 1. Therefore all ORs are pairwise comparisons between the respective category compared persons employed as electricians in year 1 (reference). The number in the reference group differed for each pairwise comparison.