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Table 4 Ways of describing symptoms of ARIs exhibited by children

From: Inherent illnesses and attacks: an ethnographic study of interpretations of childhood Acute Respiratory Infections (ARIs) in Manhiça, southern Mozambique

Medical staff
   - Lower chest drawing inwards
   - Wheezing
   - Crepitations (a noise like a plastic bag being crushed or the sound of walking over snow)
   - Tubaric murmur (the noise made when one blows into a glass bottle)
   - Stridor (a high pitched sound when breathing)
   - Nasal flaring
   - Runny or blocked nose
   - Chest problems
   - Not breathing well
   - Breathing with a lot of effort
   - Breathing rapidly
   - Breathing loudly
   - Breathing more towards the top, but not always