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Table 3 Comparison of mean scores in relationship questions regarding mother-in-law and partner

From: The potential role of mother-in-law in prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV: a mixed methods study from the Kilimanjaro region, northern Tanzania

Empirical subgroups and individual questions Mean score
Mean score
   I share all the information I receive at the antenatal clinic with my partner/mother-in-law 3.10 (2.68-3.51)    8.88 (8.62-9.15)
   I would share my secrets with my partner/mother-in-law 2.68 (2.33-3.03)    7.59 (7.28-7.89)
   I need to do what my partner/mother-in-law wants me to do 2.06 (1.73-2.39)    5.57 (5.23-5.91)
   I can only feed our infant in a way my partner/mother-in-law approves of 1.34 (1.07-1.62)    3.19 (2.83-3.55)
   If I were sick and confined to bed my partner/mother-in-law would look after me 6.40 (6.03-6.77)    9.10 (8.87-9.32)
   If my mother-in-law/partner treated me badly, I could trust my partner/mother-in-law to support me 5.10 (4.73-5.47)    7.58 (7.30-7.87)
  1. Paired t-test: all < 0.001.