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Table 5 Consulted Guides and Systematic Reviews with url to facilitate their location.

From: Are the health messages in schoolbooks based on scientific evidence? A descriptive study

Systematic Reviews
CL Safety education of pedestrians for injury prevention
CL Phytomedicines (medicines derived from plants) for sickle cell disease
CL A systematic review of the interventions to promote the wearing of hearing protection
CL Water for preventing urinary calculi
CL School-based programmes for preventing smoking
CL School-based prevention for illicit drugs' use
CL Feverfew for preventing migraine
CL Herbal therapy for treating osteoarthritis
CL European guidelines for the management of chronic non-specific low back pain
Clinical Practice Guides
NHS-NICE Antenatal care routine care for the healthy pregnant woman
HS-CKS Insomnia
RACGP Guidelines preventive activities general practice
NHS-CKS Dyspepsia: pregnanacy associated
NHS-NICE Postanatale care
WHO Care of umbilical cord
CTFPHC Interventions to promote breast-feeding: applying the evidence in clinical practice
PHAC Canadian Immunization Guide 7th Edition
NHS-CKS Immunizations-Childhood Vaccination Programme
RCN Children's services: acute health care provision
HHS Preventive services for children and adolescents
WHO Sleep problems
AAP The Teen Driver;118/6/2570.pdf
CL Bicycle helmets: it's time to use them
NHS - SIGN Prevention and management of dental decay in the pre-school child
NHS - SIGN Preventing Dental Caries in Children at High Caries Risk
AAP Oral Health Risk Assessment Timing and Establishment of the Dental Home;111/5/1113.pdf
AAPD Guideline on Periodicity of Examination. Preventive Dental Services
AAPD Clinical guideline on infant oral health care
AAPD Clinical guideline on adolescent oral health care.
NHS-CKS Pruritus vulvae
ICSI Acne Management. Third Edition
DOH Management and control of eye conditions at primary level
NHS-CKS External otitis
HPA Guidance on Infection Control In Schools and other hile Care Settings
CCHMC Urinary tract Infection
HHS Abrasion and laceration wound care: pre-school through grade twelve
NHS-CKS Common cold.
HHS Environmental management of pediatric asthma
NHS-CKS Smoking cessation
NHS-NICE Feverish illness in children
AAP Office-Based conseling for injury prevention;94/4/566.pdf
NHS-CKS Sprains and strains
HHS Counseling to prevent skin cancer: recommendations and rationale
DOH Guidelines for School Programs To Prevent Skin Cancer
HHS Pediatric eye and vision examination
CPS Impact of media use on children and youth
NHS-NICE Prevention of healthcare-associated infections primary and community care
USPSTF Screening for Visual Impairment in Children Younger than Age 5 Years
NHS-CKS Chest infection
HHS Hearing assessment in infants and children
HHS Physical activity in the prevention. treatment and rehabilitation of diseases
NHS-DH Green book
HHS Health professional's guide rehabilitation of the patient with osteoporosis
NHS-CKS Ankylosing spondylitis
RCGP Sexually Transmitted Infections in Primary Care
NHS-CKS Contraception
HHS Tabacco use prevention and cessation for adults and mature adolescents
NHS-NICE Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
AHA Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations. Revision 2006
AAP Tobacco. Alcohol. and Other Drugs: The Role of the Pediatrician
NHS-CKS Smoking cessation
HHS Prevention of Ventricular Remodeling. Cardiac Dysfunction. and Heart Failure
NHS-CKS Alcohol-problem drinking
NHS - SIGN The management of harmeful drinking and alcohol dependence in primary care
NZGG Food and Nutrition Guidelines for Healthy Adolescents
RCGP Guidance for working with cocaine and crack
HHS Dietary recommendations for children and adolescents
HPA Smallpox
NHS-CKS Insect bites and stings
NHS-CKS Anemia - Iron deficency
NZGG Food and nutrition guidelines for healthy adolescent
NHS-CKS Gastroenteritis
AHA Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations Revision 2006
NHS - SIGN Management of obesity in children and young people
NGCH Prevention and screening of colorectal cancer
CAS HIV Transmisión: Guidelines for assessing risk. 5th Edition
NASPGHAN Overweight children and adolescents
VSSGBI The provision of vascular service 2004
NGCH Identifying and preventing overweight in childhood. Clinical practice guideline
NHS-NICE Secondary prevention in primary-secondary care patients myocardial infarction
NHS-CKS Obesity
MJA Nutrition and physical activity for Australian children
AAP Optimizing Bone Health and Calcium Intakes of Infants. Children. and Adolescents;117/2/578
SACN Salt and health
ADA Nutrition and Athletic Performance
BCHM B12 Deficiency - Investigation & Management of Vitamin B12and Folate Deficiency
NHS-CKS Constipation
B Mediterranean diet evidence
AAP Prevention of Rickets and Vitamin D Deficiency;111/4/908
NHS-DH Coronary Heart disease
DOH Guidelines for the management and health Surveillance of food handlers
RCN Malnutrition: What nurses working with children and young people
APsA Practice guideline for the treatment of patients with eating disorders
NGCH Prevention and management of obesity (mature adolescents and adults)
NGCH Increasing physical activity in schools: kindergarten through eighth grade
CDC Guidelines for School and Community Programs to Promote Lifelong Physical Activity Among Young People
AAP Activity Healthy living: prevention of childhood obesity through increased physical activity
HPA Guidelines for action in the event of a deliberate release
NHMRC Staying Healthy in Child Care
CPS Bugs in our meal: Food for thought
NGCH Dietary guidelines for Americans. 2005
NHS-DH Infection at work: Controlling the risks
  1. Abbreviations:
  2. AAP: American Academy of Paediatrics
  3. AAPD: American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
  4. ADA: American Dietetic Association
  5. AHA: American Heart Association
  6. APsA: American Psychiatrics Association
  7. B: Bandolier
  8. BCMH: Britisth Columbia-Ministry of Health
  9. CAS: Canadian AIDS Society
  10. CCHMC: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
  11. CDC: Centers of Disease Control and Prevention
  12. CL: Cochrane Library
  13. CPS: Canadian Paediatric Society
  14. CTFPHC: Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care
  15. DOH: Department of Health) of South Africa
  16. HPA: Health Protection Agency
  17. ICSI: Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement
  18. NGCH: National Guidelines Clearinghouse
  19. NHS-CKS: Clinical Knowledge Summaries. antes Prodigy
  20. NHS-DH: Department of Health
  21. NHS-NICE: National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
  22. NHS-SIGN: Scotish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network
  23. NHMRC: Australian National Health Medical Research Council
  24. MJA: Medical Journal of Australia
  25. NZGG: New Zeland Guidelines Group
  26. PHAC: Public Health Agency of Canada
  27. NASPGHAN: North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology. Hepatology. Nutrition
  28. RCN: Royal Collage of Nursing
  29. RACGP: The Royal Australian Collage of General Practitioner
  30. RCGP: Royal College of General Practitioners
  31. SACN: Scientific Advisory Committee of Nutrition
  32. USPSTF: US Preventive Services Task Force
  33. VSSGBI: The Vascular Surgical Society of Great Britain and Ireland
  34. WHO: World Health Organization