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Table 1 Codes used for the classification of cause of death as suicide, accidental poisoning, other accidents and undetermined injury.

From: Suicide in the Philippines: time trend analysis (1974-2005) and literature review

Cause ICD 8 (1974-1986) ICD 9 (1987-1996) ICD 10 (1997-2005)
Suicide E950-E959 E950-E959 X60-X84
Accidental poisoning E850-E877 E850-E869 X40-X49
Other accidents E900-E909; E911-E918; E929-E949 E870-E876; E878-E879; E916-E949 W20-W49; Y40-Y89 (1997-1998)
W20-W64; W75-W99; X10-X29; X50-X59; X85-Y86 (1999-2005)
Injury undetermined E980-E989 E980-E989 Y10-Y34