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Table 3 Input parameters (i.e. utility parameters and characteristics of HIV vaccine) used in Markov model

From: Is a HIV vaccine a viable option and at what price? An economic evaluation of adding HIV vaccination into existing prevention programs in Thailand

Parameters Distribution Mean SE References
Utility parameters     
Utility of HIV negative   1   
Utility of asymptomatic patients Beta 0.86 0.01 [24]
Utility of symptomatic patients Beta 0.80 0.01 [24]
Utility of AIDS patients Beta 0.76 0.01 [24]
Characteristics of HIV vaccine     
Vaccine efficacy Gamma 31% 13% [11]
Increased incidences of HIV infection compared to baseline due to the change of risk behaviors Gamma 20%* 20%*  
Duration of booster doses (year) Gamma 10* 10*  
  1. SE: standard error.
  2. *Based on assumption